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Creating the next big thing? Keep your rights safe with Design Registration

If you’re investing your time, effort and ingenuity into creating a product to sell commercially, you’ll want to keep your designs safe from competitor poaching. That’s where Design Registration can be your best friend – and where Innovate IP can skilfully guide you through the complex minefield of registration rights, leaving you free to concentrate on your bright idea.

In the same way that copyright is automatic, a designer automatically holds the design rights to a product once created. However, by gaining a legal Design Registration, you hold much greater and more enforceable rights. Once your product is registered, you’ll have exclusive rights to make, import, export, use or stock any product to which the design has been applied – giving you legal protection for up to 25 years and the ability to effectively challenge infringement of your design by third parties.

As a Design, in legal terms, can apply to the appearance of a whole or part of a product, and there are certain exclusions as to what design elements can quality for design rights, it’s wise to take legal advice from the outset to determine just how Design Registration can protect you and your product. We’ll provide advice on how long registration will take, when you should apply for registration and how a combination of Trade Mark registration and Design Registration could provide the most effective protection for your valuable product.

We’ll even help you protect your product design rights throughout the European Union via Community Design Registration – giving you greater freedom to expand your business trading and your profits.

If you think you could benefit from Design Registration, give us a call on 0117 2140339 or contact us via our online form. With our legal expertise and your ingenuity, it’s a winning combination.