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Patent Flow Chart


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Confused about the difference between Patent and Design Protection? We’re here to help.

Patent protection is one of the most valuable legal procedures available to companies or individuals who develop a new product, method or process. A successful grant of patent can open up huge commercial and financial benefits – as well as providing effective protection against infringement for up to 20 years.

So what type of invention or product can qualify for a patent? Simply put, it has to be new, inventive and capable of industrial or commercial application – but it’s only by following the process of patent registration you can be sure that your product is unique.

Whilst Design Protection can cover the physical properties or appearance of the product, Patent Protection covers the application or function – so a Design Protection in itself may not be enough to safeguard your brilliant idea. Innovate IP, as experts in all areas of protecting and enforcing Patents, simplify and skilfully manage the intricate process of protecting those precious product developments – leaving you free to concentrate upon developing your business.

It’s not just the physical process of applying for and gaining your Patent which Innovate IP can assist with. We’ll help you exploit and develop the financial opportunities by advising you on Patent Licensing – and manage any potential infringements of your Patent to enforce your legal rights.

Remember – if you’re developing an invention or process, do not tell anyone the details as this may invalidate your right to a Patent – so take heed! For more guidance on Patents and how Innovate IP can help you on the way to success, contact us on 0117 2140339 or contact us via our online enquiry form.